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Focus On Middle School Science Set

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Grades 5-8
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Develop a solid science foundation for your kids in grades 5-8! The Focus On Middle School Science Set, 3rd edition, introduces age-appropriate Chemistry, Biology & Physics curriculum, engaging hands-on experiments & more! Read More

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Build a solid science foundation for your middle school children to prepare them for upper-level courses!

Real Science-4-Kids is an engaging curriculum that focuses on fundamental concepts, making it a great choice for families who want just one science course before junior high. This course introduces college-level terminology, but explains it at an introductory level, giving middle school students a familiarity with the concepts that they'll build upon later.

Each topic (Chemistry, Biology, and Physics) is covered in an individual 12-chapter (16-chapter for Biology) hardcover textbook; the three together provide a year of science if you do one chapter per week. Each chapter has an experiment that is designed around the scientific method, encourages investigation, and uses mostly household items. The separate teacher's manuals for each topic contain lesson planning tips, background information, and answers to the review questions. This set includes three (Chemistry, Biology, and Physics) teacher's manuals, three student texts, and three lab worksheet packs. All are 3rd edition.

Follow this convenient weekly timeline (suggested by the publisher) for each course:

  • Before the week begins, use the printable Lesson Plan to map out your week.
  • Day 1: Read a chapter of the Student Textbook with your child or have them read it alone. Take time to discuss the material with them.
  • Day 2: Review the details of the chapter's laboratory experiment with your child, and collect the needed materials. Be sure that you and your child have everything you need before starting the experiment.
  • Day 3: Have your child perform the laboratory experiment. Be sure that they are recording their data in their Workbook, and encourage them to record exactly what they observe (even if the result is different than they expected).
  • Day 4: Have your child take the self-test at the end of the lesson plan.
  • Day 5: Take time to review the terms and concepts from the chapter.

Chemistry topics covered: what is Chemistry, technology in Chemistry, matter, chemical bonding, chemical reactions, acids, basis & pH, acid-base neutralization, nutritional chemistry, pure substances & mixtures, organic Chemistry, polymers, biological polymers, DNA, and proteins.

Biology topics covered: what is Biology, technology in Biology, the microscope, atoms, molecules, metabolism, cells, viruses, bacteria, archaea, protists, fungi, photosynthesis, the Calvin Cycle, plant structure & growth, plant reproduction, animals, chordates, and non-chordates.

Physics topics covered:: what is Physics, technology in Physics, force, energy & work, potential and kinetic energy, conservation of energy, motion, linear & non-linear motion, chemical energy, electrostatics, electrodynamics, and magnetism.

Be sure to order our special Middle School Science Lab Kit designed especially for this curriculum so you can do the experiments in the Workbooks!

Note: Real Science For Kids Level 1 has a new name and a new look! While you'll enjoy the same easy-to-teach and fun-to-learn curriculum as before, now it's called Focus On Middle School and is intended for grades 5-8.

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Important Note: To receive the printable lesson plans, send the grade level(s) and subject(s) of your Real Science 4 Kids curriculum to [email protected], and be sure to mention that you purchased this curriculum from Home Science Tools.


  • Take a look at the preview booklets for Chemistry, Biology, & Physics to see samples from the Middle School Student Textbooks, Workbooks, Teacher's Manuals & more!
  • Important Note: HST currently only offers the Student Text, Teacher’s Manual, and Lab Notebook. The other items (midterm exams, online course, study notebooks & graphics package) can be purchased directly from the publisher's site.


Focus On Middle School Science Set Includes:


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