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Nutrient Agar, Prepared Media Bottle, 125 ml

Ages 10+
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This sterile liquid nutrient 125 ml agar comes ready to use & with enough agar to cover about ten 100 mm petri dishes. Pour it into a petri dish, swab any surface, and watch bacteria grow in a safe, memorable, and hands-on way! Read More

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This sterile liquid nutrient 125 ml agar comes ready to use. Use it to conduct and explore bacterial growth in a safe, memorable, and hands-on way! There's enough nutrient agar in this bottle to cover ten 100 mm dishes.

How do you grow bacteria with nutrient agar? 

To make your own nutrient agar plates:

  1.  Remove the lid and heat the nutrient agar bottle in the microwave for about 1 minute, or until it becomes liquid (agar is a fairly firm gel at room temperature)
  2. Pour the liquified nutrient agar into sterile petri dishes and let it cool
  3. Inoculate the agar plate with whatever bacteria culture you choose. 
    1. OR: Use a sterile swab to gather a bacteria sample (from your mouth or a surface of your choice) and transfer it to the petri dish by drawing a zig-zag on the surface of the agar
  4. Replace the lid, tape it shut, and leave the petri dish undisturbed, checking for bacteria growth daily.

Nutrient agar is the best all-around growth medium for growing bacteria and other microbe cultures. Use it if you are unsure of either the bacteria type you are growing or the preferred culture media for your bacteria. Some more fastidious bacteria (those with complex nutrient requirements) prefer tryptic soy agar.

Of the types of agar medium we carry, this sterile nutrient agar is the best choice for isolating thermophiles (heat-loving bacteria). Find resources online which detail the process of isolating thermophiles. They suggest finding samples in milk, the water heater, or canned foods (especially sugar beets).

Major ingredients: water, agar, peptone, beef/yeast extract.

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