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Launch Generally suited for grades 8-12

Unusual Structures

Ages 12+
Earth and Space
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Build, grind, and wash away dirt and rocks to discover the fascinating world of erosion and weathering! Your young geologist will learn about and test the intricacies of Earth’s geological processes with this earth science curriculum kit. Read More

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Product Information


Model and test the geological processes that occur throughout our planet. Unusual Structures will help any young geologist learn about and test the intricacies of Earth’s geological processes.

In this kit, students will build, grind, and wash away “dirt” and rocks to discover the fascinating world of erosion and weathering. Students will use these hands-on science experiments to delve into the different mechanisms of erosion and weathering. Unusual Structures comes with a full-color Student Workbook and Teacher Guide. This kit contains activities and information that focuses on the phenomenon of unusual looking, natural structures that result from the geological processes of weathering and erosion.

As part of a special program from Home Science Tools, this Launch level kit will provide over 15 hours of knowledge, educating your student about erosion and weathering, and what that means for the environment.

In this kit, the student will partake in these fun activities:

  1. View images of unique, natural structures from around the world.
  2. Test their knowledge on what dirt really is and how nature moves it using erosion tables.
  3. Compare and contrast the interconnectedness of erosion and weathering by using ice.
  4. Model wind weathering with several specimens.
  5. Get hands-on with their own chemical weathering experiment.

Use the Unusual Structures kit to answer questions such as:

  • What makes the structures we see around the world?
  • Do structures around the world stay the same or change?
  • What are Earth’s geological processes?
  • How do Earth’s geological processes affect rocks?

Our Unusual Structures kit is a part of the Science Unlocked Launch series and is recommended for middle and high school students in grades 8-12

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Interested in learning more? Check out our Student Workbook Sample and Teacher Guide Sample


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This kit contains:

  • 3 Aluminum pie plates, 5” diameter
  • Baking soda, 50 g
  • 3 Clear 17 oz bottles
  • Clear 17oz bottle with cap
  • Construction paper, white
  • Limestone
  • Modeling dough
  • Peat moss
  • Pebbles, fine gravel, 1 lb
  • Red sandstone
  • 6 Rubber bands
  • Sand, fine, 1 lb
  • Sand paper, 1 sheet medium grit
  • Talc
  • 2 Bottles of vinegar (5% acetic acid solution)

You will also need:

  • Objects to create a slope (ex. books, blocks, bowls, tray)
  • Scissors
  • Water


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