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Individual HST Beakers

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Ages 8+

Our HST brand glass beakers are a great value! Ideal for everything from kids' experiments to science labs. Find all sizes of our glass beakers here - scroll down to see options. Read More

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Our Home Science Tools brand glass beakers are a great value! Get the right size for your needs, ranging from 50 ml to 2000 ml. These beakers are made of high-quality borosilicate glass that can be heated directly in an open flame and withstand typical laboratory temperature variations. Beakers are primarily used for mixing and heating; the graduations are approximate and not intended for accurate liquid measurement.

We recommend these high-quality beakers for everything - from your kids' science experiments to a classroom lab! Beakers are one of the most iconic tools for chemistry, as well as one of the most useful.

HST Glass Beakers Specifications 

(Click the individual beaker capacities to go to their ordering pages.)

Beaker Capacity Diameter Height Marked to Fill Marked to Empty
50 ml 4 cm 6 cm 10-40 ml x 10 ml None
100 ml 5 cm 7 cm 20-80 ml x 10 ml None
150 ml 6 cm 8 cm 20-140 ml x 20 ml None
250 ml 7 cm 9.5 cm 50-200 ml x 25 ml 0-150 ml x 25 ml
400 ml 8 cm 11 cm 50-325 ml x 25 ml 0-250 ml x 25 ml
600 ml 9 cm 12.5 cm 100-500 ml x 50 ml 0-400 ml x 50 ml
1000 ml 10 cm 14.5 cm 100-900 ml x 50 ml 0-800 ml x 50 ml
2000 ml 13 cm 18 cm 200-1800 ml x 200 ml 0-1600ml x 200ml






  • Home Science Tools beakers are made from high-quality GG17 borosilicate glass
  • Low coefficient of thermal expansion means this glass is capable of withstanding typical laboratory temperature variations
  • Markings are accurate to +/-10%
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