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Organic Chemistry Deluxe Glassware Set, 26 Pieces

Ages 14+
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Filled with high-quality laboratory glassware, this Deluxe Organic Chemistry Glassware Set provides the laboratory supplies needed for distillation, extraction, synthesis, reactions, and other organic chemistry processes. Read More

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This Deluxe Organic Chemistry Glassware Set is an excellent chemistry kit for conducting and learning about distillation (a way to separate a mixture; other ways include chromatography and filtration), extraction, synthesis, reactions, and other organic chemistry processes. The 24/29 standard taper ground joints in this deluxe set fit together with nothing but glass in contact with the chemicals. Because of this, nothing contaminates the organic chemistry process. 

Find a wide variety of distillation apparatus and high-quality labware inside this Organic Chemistry Glassware Kit, including:

  • 100 ml, 250 ml, and 1000 ml round bottom boiling flasks (one of each size)
  • a 500 ml two-neck distilling flask
  • a 500 ml three-neck distilling flask
  • a 300 mm Graham condenser (consists of a coil glass tube, unlike a Liebig condenser, which consists of one tube inside another; a West condenser is a thinner version of a Liebig condenser)
  • a 300 mm distilling cylinder
  • a 250 ml separatory funnel (may be used as a dropping funnel; similar in shape & size)
  • a Claisen adapter
  • a 75° distilling head
  • a 105° vacuum receiving tube
  • a thermometer jacket tube
  • four glass stoppers
  • 10 plastic joint clips
  • and more!

Search beyond the short-lasting plasticware and set yourself up for endless organic chemistry labs when you buy this lab glassware kit! This 26-piece lab glassware set allows various organic chemistry process configurations. The high-quality GG17 borosilicate glass components, with a low coefficient of thermal expansion, will withstand typical laboratory thermal variations common to chemistry processes like heating and cooling. Standard taper ground joint glassware is commonly used for organic chemistry. Just a thin film of silicone grease or a layer of PTFE tape on the joint creates an air leak-proof connection, even under vacuum or modest pressure. The plastic joint clips in this organic chemistry kit hold the connections tightly together.

Joint Size Specifics

The standard taper ground glass joints are the 24/29 international standard, which means 24 mm in diameter at the widest part of the joint with a standard taper and 29 mm length. These pieces also fit together with 24/40 ground joints, which are the US standard: still 24 mm in diameter with a standard taper, but 40 mm in length. You provide support stands and clamps, a burner, thermometer and stopper, and condenser tubing to complete your distillation set-up.

Looking for further insight and product details before you add this kit to your shopping cart and checkout? Take a look at the customer reviews below to discover why this Organic Chemistry Glassware Set has nearly 5 stars!

NOTE: Actual product may vary from the one pictured due to differences in suppliers.

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Our Deluxe Organic Chemistry Glassware Set Includes:

  • 100 ml round bottom flask (65 mm OD, 117 mm high, 24/29 joint)
  • 250 ml round bottom flask (88 mm OD, 147 mm high, 24/29 joint)
  • 1000 ml round bottom flask (140 mm OD, 205 mm high, 24/29 joint)
  • 500 ml two neck distilling flask (110 mm OD, 175 mm high, 24/29 joint)
  • 500 ml three neck distilling flask (110 mm OD, 175 mm high, 24/29 joint)
  • 300 mm Graham condenser (37 mm OD, 420 mm long, 350 cm2 cooling area, 24/29 joints, 10 mm OD tubing connections)
  • 300 mm distilling tube (27 mm OD, 400 mm long, 24/29 joints)
  • 250 ml separatory funnel (55 mm OD, 340 mm long, 24/29 joints)
  • Claisen adapter (142 mm high, 100 mm wide, 24/29 joints)
  • 75° distilling head (155 mm high, 97 mm wide, 24/29 joints)
  • 105° vacuum receiving tube (145 mm high, 110 mm wide, 24/29 joints, 10 mm OD tubing connection)
  • Thermometer jacket tube (110 mm high, thermometer and #2 stopper with hole sold separately)
  • Four (4) glass stoppers (24/29 joint)
  • Ten (10) plastic joint clips (for 24 mm connections)
  • Storage box (also used for shipping) with foam insert cut to hold each piece of glassware


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