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    Forensic Science Kits

    Use forensic science to find out "whodunnit!"

    Explore the fascinating technology of forensic science as you do your own crime scene investigation with these hands-on kits, project-based curriculum, and more. You can solve the "Case of the Disappearing Diamonds" with our Crime Scene Science Kit, learn how to dust and fume for fingerprints, practice simulated forensic blood typing, and more!

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    1. $59.95 in_stock
      Kids explore forensic science with a Crime Scene Science Kit. Do seven CSI projects & solve the case of the disappearing diamonds. more

    2. Forensic Chemistry of Unknown Substances
    3. Forensic Chemistry of Hair Analysis
      $29.95 in_stock
      How can crime scene investigators use hair to solve crimes? Find out with the Forensic Chemistry of Hair Analysis Kit for Small Groups. more

    4. Crime Scene Science Classroom Refill Kit
      $69.95 in_stock
      Solve "Mystery of the Disappearing Diamonds" year after year with a new group of student investigators. This refill set replenishes the consumables in the Classroom Crime Scene Science Kit, so you can do the CSI experiments again and again. more

    5. $2.50 in_stock
      Economical ink stamp pad can be used to obtain fingerprints like a forensic scientist. more

    6. MSRP $49.95
      $44.90 You save 10% in_stock
      This kit provides all the tools needed to start solving crimes right out of the box, including barrier tape, fingerprint dust, and evidence specimen canisters. Learn how to decipher codes and write messages in invisible ink! more

    7. $39.95 in_stock
      The Forensic Kit Pro offers a practical introduction to forensic investigation (CSI) using the same tools that real crime scene investigators use. more

    8. $118.95 in_stock
      The My First Lab Whodunnit? Detective Spy Scope is a special duo-scope design that allows you to view both highly-magnified transparent microscope slides and solid objects. more

    9. $43.95 in_stock
      This Forensic Chemistry of Blood Types Kit realistically simulates crime scene blood analysis in the classroom. more

    10. $369.95 in_stock
      Solve several mysteries in one with this forensic science kit! This small class edition is ideal for a small class or homeschool. more

    11. $7.50 in_stock
      This professional-quality black latent fingerprint powder will get your sleuths on the trail in no time, gathering and comparing fingerprints. more

    12. $134.95 in_stock
      Solve the "Mystery of the Disappearing Diamonds" with this classroom crime scene lab kit. more

    13. $39.95 in_stock
      Everyone who ate the school cafeteria's chili became ill. You are a forensic toxicologist. more

    14. $29.95 in_stock
      By Pam Walker & Elaine Wood. more

    15. $14.95 in_stock
      Everything you need to find & collect fingerprints on your own. more

    16. $59.95 in_stock
      Urinalysis is one of the oldest medical diagnostic tests and still one of the most common. more

    17. $24.95 As low as: $22.45 in_stock
      With this set you can do five fun projects to reveal the hidden colors in black ink, separate fall colors from green leaves, perform forensic chromatography, experiment with candy coating dyes, and more. more

    18. $5.95 As low as: $5.35 in_stock
      This high-quality chromatography paper is cut into uniform strips 6" long and 0.75" wide. more

    19. $12.95 As low as: $11.65 in_stock
      This ultraviolet LED "black light" flash light is ideal for using GloGerm products or to investigate fluorescence around your house. more

    20. $2.50 in_stock
      This blower brush is useful for cleaning microscope, telescope,camera, and binocular optics. more

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