Science Party: Supplies, Ideas & Favors
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Pocket Microscope, LED, 60X
Our beaker coffee mug is the perfect gift for science lovers. 400 mL beaker mug is the real deal and includes a handle for easy sipping. Shop now
Science of Wine Stemless Wine Glass - 2 pack
Newtonian Demonstrator
Kids Science Socks - 5 pack
Color Paddles
Image of Party Test Tubes
Science Party Plastic Tablecloth
Science Party Hats, 8 Pack

Science Party: Supplies, Ideas & Favors

HST has everything you need to throw the most fun science party ever - for kids AND adults alike!

This fun selection of science party and novelty products are perfect for birthday parties for kids – or any science party, for that matter!

Whether your kiddo is begging for a science birthday party this year, you’re wanting to throw a funny science party for a friend, or you’re looking for some fun science-y products for you or a loved one, you’ll LOVE these science trinkets, party favors, party décor, and more!

Look above to find the perfect science party favors, such as ooey-gooey slime flasks, test tube candy holders, flask-shaped party cups with swirly straws, and colorful science party hats! We also provide science-themed party decorations, including party napkins, dessert plates, and a plastic tablecloth.

Get the science party favors and décor all in one with the ‘Kids Science Party Favors and Decorations’ package. To receive an excellent hands-on science experiment for kids (in addition to all of the favors and décor), check out our ‘Ultimate Kids Science Party Package’! This set comes with all of the necessary tools, supplies, and instructions for conducting a kid-friendly version of the classic Elephant Toothpaste experiment!

Other fun products and science gift ideas include:

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