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Measuring Gas Production Kit

Ideal for Grades 6+
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Discover chemical reactions and capture their invisible byproduct! Chemical reactions often create gas. But it evaporates into the air, going mostly unnoticed, until now. The Measuring Gas Production kit changes that! Read More

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With the Measuring Gas Production Kit, kids first cause a chemical reaction. Next, they capture and measure the resulting gas volume.

Many chemical reactions in chemistry and biology produce gas as the main byproduct. Under typical conditions, that gas floats off and mingles with the atmosphere. So, measuring it is impossible. But the Measuring Gas Production Kit provides the tools to collect the gas created by a reaction and then measure it.

Get started exploring with five projects designed by Science Buddies scientists. For each project, gas measurement is either the primary goal or used to determine one aspect of the project. Either way, kids get a memorable learning opportunity. Students will learn:

  • all about chemical reactions that create gas,
  • how to capture the gas that was created,
  • and how to measure that gas.

Instructions for this kit are available online. See below links to the instructions and more.

Use the Measuring Gas Production Kit with the following projects, found online at Science Buddies:

You will also need from home:

Depending on which project you do, additional supplies, like water, yeast, Alka-Seltzer tablets, a stopwatch, and a lab notebook may be needed. Please consult the instructions for each project for a complete list of additional materials.


Instructions are NOT included with the kit, but are available online from Science Buddies.



Each Measuring Gas Production Kit contains:

  • Graduated Cylinder, polypropylene 100 mL
  • Graduated Cylinder, polypropylene 250 mL
  • Vinyl tubing, 5’ long
  • Thermometer, Fahrenheit & Celsius
  • 4 Squeeze Bottles, 250 mL


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